Welcome to WOW Sports

Welcome to WOW Sports! We’re so excited to officially launch what we believe will become the premier outlet for women’s sports. Before we get into what we’ll be doing let’s go back to how it started.

This all doesn’t necessarily have a beginning with a clear start date, rather ideas piling up over time. We’re big idea thinkers combined with roll your sleeves up doers. We saw a gaping hole for statistics in women sports combined with needing multiple online searches just to find information for different female sports leagues. We sat around, complained and grumbled, and then after a while decided the only solution was to create a one stop website that could provide all the stats and information a person could ask for pertaining to women’s sports. Basically, we shut up and got to work. Late nights, too many cups of coffee to count and eye pain from staring at computer screens has all led us to creating this website. It’s far from perfect and we’re sure it will be transforming along the way to make it easy for you the fans to enjoy following female athletics. We know this is just the beginning.

Before you ask, we’re already ahead of you—does creating a female sports only website mean we’re against male sports? Absolutely not! Many of us also follow male athletes and the sports they play and in one online search could find just about every stat possible like who led the NBA in rebounds in 2014, or who has the longest hit streak in the MLB or who is the highest paid male soccer player. What this website is bringing to light is the fact that if you substituted the previous sentence with female leagues and athletes you would have a hard time finding that information. By elevating female athletes, we are not devaluing male athletes. We want to raise female athletes to the same level as their counterparts. It’s 2020 and the fact that a website that provides the same exposure as male athletes for female athletes does not already exist is disheartening to us. We welcome the day when there is a place where equal information for both male and female sports is found at the same URL. But in order to get there we believe a place like WOW Sports needs to exist first.

So, what exactly will WOW Sports be a space for?  Our hope is that WOW Sports will be your one stop for everything surrounding female sports.  Whether you want to follow tennis, soccer, basketball, golf, skiing, softball, volleyball and anything in between you’ll be able to find coverage on our website. For now, we will be focusing our efforts on professional sports and not collegiate sports. There seems to be a bigger difference in coverage for professional sports than collegiate sports and so many athletes have said they felt a drop-off in attention once they transitioned out of college and into the professional world—we want to change that. We’ll have schedules, statistics, articles, podcasts and so much more on this site.

We are proud of our name WOW Sports and are happy to explain to you the meaning and message behind it. WOW is a double entendre. First, it’s an acronym that stands for Women of the World. And yes, we know it’s actually WOTW, but that just doesn’t quite flow the same. Women of the World is our pledge to follow leagues, competitions, and athletes not just in the United States, but from all over the world. The other meaning is with the general expression of “Wow!” to spark the idea that women are just as impressive as men for athletics creating wow moments. The athletes themselves with create these wow moments we’re just here to cover them for you.

You'll see our website constantly changing, adding new pages, and creating new types of content. We're a work in progress that we hope you'll stick around to see grow for the betterment of the sports.

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Your Team at WOW Sports